If you are moving and want to value your furniture together

i want to move


If you just want to evaluate your old furniture

i want to evaluate only

Want to evaluate how much you can quote for selling a furniture?
Aha, you’re at the right place.!!!

And if you are moving to a new destination, we are here to help you move with fewer items. Moving is always stressful. Planning the move, looking up and arranging a mover at a reasonable budget or just ask a buddy to help, packing stuff, disassembling all the furniture, wrap in blankets and finally, the move itself. Each step adds to the level of stress and becomes both mentally and physically draining. We all been there.

Won’t it be cool to get all the heavy stuff listed and sell beforehand?
Then pack just the bare essentials, rent a small van or a full-size car and move with few boxes and suitcases? Then buy back newer cool furniture in the new place later in own sweet time or order used furniture available near to your destination.

Hey, housekeeping folks, get rid of the old and get new or relatively new.

But how do I know what my furniture are worth?
How can I compare my approximate moving cost with the proceeds of the furniture sale so that I can evaluate whether it at all makes sense or not.. Granted moving is a pain in the rear but listing stuff and selling to people is not a cakewalk either

Well, we will just do that for you. Here, you input a rough estimated moving cost which you might have obtained already and your list of furniture. We give you a report what your furniture is ballpark worth now.

C’mon, give us a try..’coz it’s all free ..yeah, you heard it right..FREE !!!